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Project ECHO-Ayurjeevaneeyam

Project ECHO (Extension for community healthcare outcomes)-India is a collaborative medical education model that aims to build workforce capacity in rural and underserved areas.It is started with the aim of creating awareness for Ayurveda in rural areas. In this training program a short termcourse of 3 months is designed for CHO covering various basic topics of Ayurveda which helps in improving their knowledge, skills and practices in Ayurveda.Weekly 2 sessions are arranged in which CHOs from a particula district join virtually and learn the concepts from subject experts followed by case presentation by any one CHO. Discussion is done on that case and queries are solved by the experts.An assessment is done at the end of the course. Till date 2 courses have been completed. One from the duration of Dt: 12/11/2020 to 30/3/2021 and second from Dt: 4/5/2021 to 31/8/2021 in which total 78 CHOs from Morbi and Gir Somnath distict participated. After completion of this course CHOs were able to guide the community regarding lifestyle modifications and were also able to treat diseases at primary health centres level with basic Ayurvedic medicines. As per the ECHO India trust, they were fully satisfied by the way the program was conducted at the Hub, None of the sessions got a red Tag ( Negative feedback) from ECHO observers

ECHO sessions