Incubation Cell

Incubation cell was started on 1st of January 2021 with a vision to nurture and support the innovative ideas of aspiring entrepreneurs of our institute.

Ayurveda entrepreneurs are on a mission to change this perception. The Indian Ayurveda market has witnessed a renewed focus given the rising consumer base and the availability of a variety of ayurvedic products. The demand for ayurvedic products and services has been increasing because of the increasing awareness amongst the masses about the benefits of ayurvedic lifestyle.

The course is expected to develop awareness among participant about the business opportunities, encouraging young entrepreneurs to use of modern technologies and modern innovations in business development in the sector and to highlight opportunities at global level.

A value added course “Entrepreneurship in Ayurveda” was started on 23rd January. Course included talks by eminent personalities and experts from the respective subject. A total of 30 students which included both internees and PG scholars took benefit of the same.

Mentor List 20-21Mentor List 20-21

Value added Course Proposal Form

Name of the proposed value added Course: Value added course “Entrepreneurship in Ayurveda”

Name of participating Department(s): IQAC (Incubation cell)

Name of Coordinator(s): Dr. Veeraj Hegde

Proposed value added course Code:

Value added course will be offered: On campus only

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The department(s) listed below agrees to sponsor the value added certificate program proposed in this document. By serving as the sponsor(s) for the proposed course, the department(s) is (are) making a commitment to provide sufficient resources for the Course to thrive.

IQAC (Incubation cell)

Name(s) of Sponsoring Department(s) Date
Dr. Veeraj Hegde (Member secretary) 20/01/2021
Dr. Veeraj Hegde (Course  coordinator) 20/01/2021

Incubation cell of our institute has started a Value added course “Entrepreneurship in Ayurveda”
Below are the details of topics and speakers:

Speaker Topic Date
Dr.VeerajHegde Induction to the  program 23/01/2021
Dr.VidhiBapna Introductory class on entrepreneurship in Ayurveda. 25/01/2021
Dr.PankajChayyani Details on how to start aclinic. 27/01/2021
Dr.Rutu Patel How can you setup a KAUMARA BRUTYU clinic? 28/01/2021
Vaidya Janmejay Patel How can you start apharmacy? 29/01/2021
Dr.Vaishali Dave How can you start a GARBHA SANSKARA KENDRA? 30/01/2021
Dr.VeerajHegde How to setup a yoga and wellness centre? 1/02/2021
Dr.Rejukrishna How to startan enterprise on Cultivating and selling medicinal plants? 02/02/2021
Dr.VidhiPamar Scope of anatomy in entrepreneurship 03/02/2021
Dr.Foram How can SHALYA TANTRA knowledge help in establishing a business of your own? 04/02/2021
Dr.GangaHadimani How to setup a KRIYA KALPA clinic? 05/02/2021
Dr.Mansi Patel How to setup a perfect PANCHAKARMA unit? 06/02/2021
Dr.HitenGohel Marketing skills in Ayurveda 08/02/2021
Mr.Chetan Shah Financial management of new venture. 09/02/2021
Dr.ManishPatel Research avenues in Ayurveda. 10/02/2021
Dr.Shruti Hospital management and process in NABH accreditation. 11/02/2021
Panel discussion 12/02/2021