Clinical Skill Laboratory

Institute has developed its clinical skills laboratory in September 2019 to offer best training facilities to students before actual clinical settings. With this fault forgiving methods of training, students get good practice for clinical skills.

The institute has inaugurated a clinical skills laboratory on 1st September 2019 in the presence of CCIM members. All concerned faculties have been trained through hands on training of simulators with regular intervals. Students also benefited by practicing on various simulators in the presence of faculties during their visits in the laboratory. For better maintenance of manikins, there is a clinical skills laboratory committee which has 6 members from different departments.
Clinical skills laboratory committee

Vd. Poorvi Vyas- Chair-person
Dr.HetalNakarani In charge
Dr. Pankaj Chhayani member
Dr. Brinda Kankhara member
Dr.MalekaVhora member
Dr. Vaishali Dave member

There are total 9 simulators/manikins available in the lab for development of clinical skills in students. The list of simulators is as below:

Sr. no. Name of simulators
1 Birth simulator pro
2 Gynaecological skills trainer
3 Patient care manikins
4 Classic heart
5 Kidney section & nephrons
6 Episiotomy suturing simulator
7 NG tube & trach skills simulator
8 Suture practice arm
9 IV injection arm

Pharmacy Director
Dr. Lal bahadur Singh
M.D. (Ayu) , Ph.D. (Ayu)
Sunder Ayurved Pharmacy
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