• S. Ayurved Mahavidyalaya & P.D. Patel Ayurved Hospital is developed in meticulously planned campus having total land area of 5.95 acre. The campus is endowed with buildings constructed to provide all the basic amenities which are required for effective teaching- learning process, health care and research. At the commencement of the academic year, assessment for replacement or up-gradation of the existing infrastructure is carried out as per need and based on the suggestions from associated departments and personnel. The constituent college and hospital have established with their own separate and self contained buildings with administration area, teaching departments, patient wards, classrooms, seminar hall, library, laboratories etc.
  • All the teaching departments (14) are well designed within or more than specified area (total 2411.80 Sq. mtr.) and also equipped with all the necessary instruments and facilities as stipulated by regulatory authority bodies.
  • The institute has adequate classrooms (06) of capacities varying between 60 to 100 students. The floor area provided (total 1372 is equal to or more than that stipulated by statutory bodies. The interior of all the class rooms is well designed and furnished comfortably to meet the requirement of students. All the classrooms are equipped with conventional teaching tools and technology such as audiovisual system, over head projector with screen, black board or marker board etc for effective teaching – learning.
  • The institute has seminar hall / exam hall (02) with area of more than 450 Sq. mtr. having total seating capacity of more than 200 people which provide the facility to organize various events for enrichment of academic, research and culture area of students as well as faculties.
  • The institute has a well maintained herbal garden in 4472.95 mtr. of area with total 3627 medicinal plants of 248 different species. Students are imparted their knowledge of identification of species, useful parts of herbs and their properties at the herbal garden.
  • The institute has its own GMP certified Teaching Pharmacy established in 23 Sq. mtr. of area which manufactures variety of Ayurvedic medicines for OPD and IPD purpose.
  • The multi floor (G+3) building of new academic block along with canteen and parking facilities is under development in 1884.07 Sq. mtr. of total construction area.
  • The building of global hospital is under development in 4455.25 Sq. mtr. of total construction area having G+1 floor.
  • The institute provides ample opportunities for students to boost their self-esteem and to develop teamwork as well as leadership skills among them. The institute encourages students to participate in various extracurricular events of different level to enrich their lives beyond the academic.
  • The institute has facility for playing and practicing various indoor and outdoor sports such as Table tennis, Badminton, Carom, Chess, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volley ball, Athletics and Cricket. The sport ground is developed in 3035.14 Sq. mtr. Of area for various outdoor sports. The institute also has well equipped Badminton court and indoor room for various indoor sports.
  • The institute has well designed and spacious Yoga hall where students and patients are educated about Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • The institute has auditorium with high tech facilities and having capacity of more than 300 people. The auditorium is made available for various cultural activities like Annual function day, Saraswati poojana, Shishyopanayana Samskara, Teacher’s day, Doctor’s day etc.
  • The institute has developed with adequate general campus facilities such as office space, faculty rooms, library, classrooms, seminar hall, canteen, wash rooms, student amenities and residential facilities for students and faculty to facilitate the conduct of the various academic, research and extension activities associated with the teaching and learning processes.
  • The entire campus is covered under CCTV surveillance and 24×7 security service.
  • Adequate separate cabins/chambers with essential facilities have been provided to all staff members of corresponding departments including administration office.
  • The institute provides hostel facilities to boys and girls students separately who are in need of accommodation on first come basis. Both the hostels are developed in 1161 Sq. mtr. and 3195 Sq. mtr. area having 22 and 139 rooms for boys and girls respectively. The hostel rooms have all the infrastructural facilities need to meet with requirement of students. Wardens and assistant wardens look after the hostels round the clock. Both the hostels have different amenities for students like Mess hall, TV room, Visitors’ room, Guest room, 24×7 reading room etc. The hostels have 24×7 security service.
  • Ambulance with well-equipped facilities is available for patient transport.
  • Continuous and incessant supply of water and electricity is provided to the entire
  • Canteen facility is available for staff and students of the college in the area of 100 Sq. M.

(A) Details of various components of college other than teaching Departments.

Sr.No. Particulars Available Area (In Sq. mtr.)
o1 Administrative wing 300
02 Total area of Lecture hall 1372
03 Auditorium/ Seminar hall/ Exam hall 450
04 Central Library 219.68
05 Teaching pharmacy & Quality testing Laboratory 773.23
06 Common rooms separate for Boys and Girls 100
07 Canteen 477.78
Total common area 3692.69

(B) Details of Teaching Departments

Sr.No. Particulars Available Area (In Sq. mtr.)
o1 Ayurved Samhita & Siddhant 100
02 Rachana Sharira 345.04
03 Kriya Sharira 178.42
04 Dravyaguna Vijyana 312.07
05 Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana 331.84
06 Roga Nidana avam Vikriti Vigyana 150
07 Swasthavritta & Yoga 150
08 Agada tantra avum Vidhi vaidyaka 113.84
09 Kayachikitsa 167.64
10 Panchakarma 75
11 Shalyatantra (+ Ksharasutra Lab.) 153.64
12 Shalakya Tantra 134.31
13 Prasuti & Stri Roga 100
14 Kaumarbhritya-Balaroga 100

(C) Details of Total area

Sr.No. Particulars Available Area (In Sq. mtr.)
o1 Total constructed Area 5726.71
02 Under construction
1. Academic block
2. Global Hospital
03 Herbal garden 4472.95
04 Sports ground 3035.14
05 Hostel
1. Boys
2. Girls