Herbal Garden

The College has a well maintained Herbal Garden spread over 4472.95 sq.m of land and consists of exquisite collection of rare herbs, plants and trees. The Garden houses more than 3000 medicinal plants and consists of a Demonstration Room. For Clear and easy identification nameplates of the plants with Sanskrit and botanical names are placed to help the students and public. Plants Irrigated with water almost all the days. Efforts are still on to increase the present numbers

Space for Herbal Garden: 4472.95 sq.m /48145 Sq. ft.

Plants: 3422( 253 species) as on 31/12/2017

Total No Of Vruksha — 501 Total Nos. Of Species Of Trees-94
Total No Of Kshupa– 2162 Total Nos. Of Species Of Kshupa-97
Total No Of Lata– 406 Total Nos. Of Species Of Lata-39
Total No Of Gulma – 353 Total Nos. Of Species Of Gulma-23


  1. About 70 years old garden so having many old trees.
  2. Rare species like Pluchea lanceolata, Saraca asoca, Oroxylum indicum, Plumbago indica etc are present so garden plays a vital role in conservation of medicinal plants biodiversity.
  3. Plants are properly labeled –Sanskrit name, Gujarati name, Scientific name and its common medicinal uses.
  4. Garden is frequently visited by Students of our institute, other institutes, Trainees of Various training programs of India and abroad.